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Bangalore Street Art isn't as Bad as You Think - Shanavas Photography Perspective

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

When Bengaluru's street were in dismal condition, littered all over with pan stains on almost every wall and common area. It was the BBMP (

Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) which came up with the idea of painting the walls of Bangalore with the help of 100 local painters who drew murals all over the streets of the city. Themes drawn were from the culture, history, geography and other aspects relating to the State of Karnataka and India.

Shanavas Photography is the perspective of a Bangalore based photographer, Shanavas. His photography as he describes is 'about exploring life'. His belief is that 'our everyday life is a series of frames stitched together by the thread of time; some mundane, some interesting and some rather extraordinary'. 

Here's our top 5 Street Art Photography of Bangalore. 


To follow Shanavas Photography click here. If know of other street art and want to share it with us, please mail them to us. And If you are inspired to click your version of the beautiful street art in Bangalore then you can rent a DSLR here

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