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Beginners Photography Equipment Guide

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

Renting photographic equipment for the first time can be a daunting task. This guide will help beginners choose a good camera and accessories which is necessary to create a full setup for photography. This guide will provide a beginner with high quality images for a price under Rs. 1000.

  1. Camera

Nikon 3200D

At the heart of photography is the camera. There are multiple categories of camera such as a DSLR, Mirrorless, Digicam etc. All of those have their own merits, but for a beginner who is on a tight budget,  should ideally be looking closely at a basic DSLR. Of all the possible DSLR cameras, Nikon D3200 is one of the best camera to start your photography journey. A Nikon  D3200 DSLR is an excellent camera because it give you room to learn and grow. It has excellent image quality and is easy to understand with all the seemingly complicated buttons on it.

  1. Lense

Kit Lens

The ideal job of a lense is to ensure that enough light gets into the camera sensor which is at the heart of the camera. (By the way, a camera sensor records the light). There is an arguably large range of lenses available in the market, with the basic kit lense which comes along with the camera to the extremely expensive professional lenses which are used by photographers. As a beginner with no prior knowledge of lense, it is ideal to start with the kit lense and learn how the camera adjust to it. Kit lense will be a great way to find out what type of photography you like the most.

  1. Tripod

One of the most undervalued piece of photography equipment is the tripod. Most of the beginners believe they do not need a tripod, but they soon realize the importance of a tripod when most of their photos start appearing blurred or shaken. A solid tripod will give you the freedom to click some amazing stable photographs. Also, if you are recording videos such as time lapses on it, then you better have your hands off from the camera. Nothing can be as stable as the tripod.

  1. Lighting

Camera Flash

For portraits and for creative still-life photography it is extremely important to have a flash. Nikon has multiple models of flash which work on automatic mode. Especially if you are shooting in dark conditions, flash will be much welcomed by your camera sensor. Afterall, no one light dark blurred photos with a lot of noise in them.

  1. Extras

Memory Card

Well, this is true for any equipment which runs on a battery and memory! Having an additional memory card and a battery pack is extremely useful any given day. You will soon realize that your camera is running out of juice and you are not finding a plug point to charge your battery! So, having the additional battery pack will be your saviour in bad times. With every arranged shot that you take, you will want to take multiple shots to get the “perfect one”, which means now you are running out of storage. So, every time you rent a camera, make sure you add an additional battery pack and memory card to your cart.

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