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Why you should give up sex and devote your life to amazing photogrpahs

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

I was once told that photographers are a breed of human beings who cannot express emotions easily, so they choose to express their emotions using their camera. Take a look at the following 5 Photographs. 

Photo 1 - The Skyline Pierced by M Chinaswamy Stadium

Looking out of the office window could not get better. Glimpse of the bright colours of evening sky reminded me to pull out the camera and snap this one!

Beauty of Bangalore Chinaswamy Stadium

Bangalore is a world within a world.  The upcoming skylines gives way to the old Bangalore City full of parks and botanical gardens! We have captured the view of the famous M Chinaswamy Stadium under the blanket of a fine Bangalore evening.  The city has opened up to a new people and cultures that allows nearly half of the educated Indians to come look for a living. The countless restaurants, bars and cafes offer havens of warmth, refreshment and community to those who call the city home.

Live every day as if its last is the spirit that is oozed from this city. Live & Let Live.


Photo 2 - A Handful of Happiness

Imaginary Clouds of Despair


Photo 3 - Echoes of the Unknown

Rays of Hope For The Planet


Photo 4 - One in a Minion

When you have minions accompanying you during boredom, how can a memory not be created!

Minions Of The Millions | WLEND


Photo 5 - Myth of Fire

A trip to Wayanad and the colours of fire which gave way to life could not have been left without a capture. 

Fire of Life | WLEND

We are the travelling tribe. We always look forward to our next destination. But, this one was special. We were looking forward to our next trip for almost 2 months and found ourselves spending time in Wayanad. The best way to bond during a camping trip is the bon fire. Its gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with one another. We were celebrating our new found passion for photography. That's when i chose to take this shot! 

What drives me to take such photos? Its the ability to capture nature and beauty at its best, without having to alter it in any ways on a software. The details on this picture is so good that its almost wallpaper'ish. 

We at WLEND are in the business of creating memories. We want to ensure that you get the best of the best tools to create those memories so that you can share the same with the world just like I did! 

You too can capture such amazing shots using Canon 1300D, RENT the camera on WLEND.

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