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How I Made Rs. 10,000 With An Unused DSLR Camera

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Note: Please read the entire article before reaching out to us. 

It is absolutely fascinating to know that 4 out of 5 DSLR owners do not use the camera frequently. In the excitement of an event of their life (like a trip to Ladakh), they end up buying the DSLR and then it just sits there. Literally like an un-used product which you brought just because you thought it looked good on the internet! 

About 5 months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Wlend. It is a platform to Rent DSLR & Action Cameras like GoPro. There was an opportunity for DSLR owners to list their cameras and in return they would pay a fixed sum of money every month. 

I was skeptical about it in the beginning but then I wanted my Canon 600D to be of some use! It was about 8 months old and was used about 14 days in its entirety. I took my chances with Wlend and it was one of the best decision of my life! 

December 1st, I received an acknowledgement of my first payout and ever since, on the 1st of every month I get the notification of the payout. It has been 5 months since and I have made Rs. 10,000 on a DSLR which otherwise would have made ZERO. 

-Apoorva PR




  1. Product in the form of DSLR is a wholly owned asset of associate identifiable by the bill/invoice of the product, will be handed over to Wlend for renting the same on their online platform
  2. Associate will continue to possess the original bill of the product and shall provide the same in a photocopy to Wlend if and when required during any situations which may arise during the course of their agreement
  3. Once the DSLR is handed over to Wlend’s authorised representatives, an acknowledgement of the same shall be mailed to associate on the email which was provided during their interaction within 24 hours
  4. Once the DSLR is handed over to Wlend’s representatives, the liability of the product shall be completely with Wlend.
  5. In case there is a need to access the DSLR for personal use, associate shall book the same on Wlend just as a regular customer, but the rental charges will be waived off for that transaction. In case the same product is not available due to an existing booking, the nearest equivalent camera will be delivered.  
  6. Any damage that may occur to the product as a result of renting out to Wlend’s customers shall be whole and sole responsibility of Wlend
  7. Bank account details will have to be provided for Wlend to credit the monthly payout  
  8. Payout will be credited directly to the bank account by 5th of every month
  9. The total number of times a booking can be made for personal use in a month is limited to just once and a maximum number of days it can be booked is limited to seven.


Payout Structure: 50% of the Rental Amount and upto a maximum of Rs. 2000 (Two Thousand Rupees) Per Month to be paid on a calendar month basis to the account number shared by the associate.


This agreement will be valid for a trial period of 3 months from the date of signing the agreement. In case, either of the party decides to discontinue the agreement, the product will be returned within 48 Hrs of the notice being served by either of the party via email. In case the product is unavailable upon serving the notice, it will be returned as soon Wlend gets the product back from the customer.


If you are interested in being a Camera Partner, send us an email on with subject line as "Camera Partner - My Camera is ____________"

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