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Top Running and Jogging Tracks and Trails in Bangalore

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Running jogging walking skipping jumping; these words sounds so alien to some of us.

Things that HAS to be in our daily schedule has become such a rare activity. With growing technology and methodologies, life has become simple. Simple to communicate, simple to just laze on one spot since everything and anything can be done for you in that one spot you’re sitting.

On one side, I’m sure there’s still some part of us that wants to get moving and run and get fit. But on another side, there’s a major part of us that is giving excuses for us not to.

I’m sure we’re all aware of how much fitness matters in our daily life. Be it to balance a healthy life or (for the most of us) to have an optimum weight and have an active lifestyle.

With addition to the pros mentioned above, there’s one exciting boon for us bengalurians, that’s the aesthetic trails that’s found in every corner of the city and also attracts many joggers and runners and marathon runners.

And a yummier bonus is that, these trails have breakfast spots very nearby ;)

So ditch that couch and ditch the treadmill machines in those gyms nearby with the (oh so) cool air conditioners, and head to these natural and beautiful running trails to enjoy the natural breeze and first rays of sunlight.

Find your ideal route on the running map with the best running area/locations:

  • Cubbon Park

Centre of the city and with metro access to ditch your vehicles to reach here. No vehicles are allowed inside till 8am and no vehicles at all on Sundays. There is also an open leash park inside for our four paw friends on Sunday.

  • Lalbagh

A very large space with a trail along the lake area. With botanical and rose gardens to look for gives calm and tranquility environment to the runners.

  • Bangalore-University

A large academic campus has almost or no traffic at all. With different departments along the trail has a lot of students you could interact with or even play a game of cricket with them.

  • Sarjapur road- Decathlon trail

This is located behind the decathlon of sarjapur branch. A trail that is not much explored has some rich greenery and winter mornings are normally filled with fog and dew drops.

  • Kanteerva stadium

Located very close to Cubbon Park, kanteerva is a sports arena and a place for all the indian runners and home to all the national level athletes to train. Home to numerous sports, you can see kids running around the stadium arena in the mornings and evenings.

  • Turahalli forest

The forest that is located in the south Bangalore is one of the last forest areas that is left in the city. One can even spot peacocks and birds in this location. With not much traffic disturbance, it forms a very peaceful path. One can even climb up the hilltop to get the view of the city.

  • Nandi hills

Nandi hills need no introduction as it is one of the popular destinations for some intense training. The run trail is over 6km which also includes an elevation. One of the highest spots in the city, one can feel what it is to be on top of the clouds and be one among the nature and mist.

So plan a running route and take out that running shoes/sneakers that has been sitting with dust all this time. There are also many Bangalore marathons and runs happening round the year.

You can also connect with various running groups/clubs so that you enjoy running with the fellow running enthusiasts in some running events

With the help of some run trackers and running apps you can see an improvement gradually in your body and also make and measure some running maps/routes.



About The Author: 

Sneha Surendra is 18 years old. Studying Information Science Engineering. She is a big Meme Enthusiast. Loves to travel during the weekends and is always in search for the next travel destination. You can get in touch with her here

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