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Why Do People Think Solo Travelling is a Good Idea?

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Disclaimer: I’ve never solo-travelled (if travelling around the city is considered, then yes). If I’ve gone places, then it is only with my protective family or school trips with gazillion people I know.

But I aspire to do so, someday!

So this article is purely based on my views and what I’ve read.

Most of the times, trip planning involves a LOT of efforts to be put in than it seems to be. On one side, there’s an itinerary, hotels and transportation bookings and on the other, convincing a partner to accompany you on this trip and agree on the itinerary or the whole trip.

Either the partner is just too lazy or he doesn’t want to do some activities that you’ve planned or the want to cut short the vacation because they don’t get much days off from their work schedule or maybe just that they don’t have an interest for the trip!

And all together it’s so annoying and frustrating and you don’t even want to let go off this trip because this is something you’ve been waiting to do since like….. Forever.


Most of the times, you’ve been left with an option to drop the plan.

Okay, so here’s the deal. GO SOLO

And I promise, it’s an experience you will never forget and probably repeat the next time.

FEAR might be the first emotion that comes followed by confusion. But you never know, you never know that you going solo travelling is ACTUALLY scary or fun if you’ve never experienced it right?

Yes, you’re going to be alone and solo, and NO, it isn’t a big deal.

You will get to know yourself better, and the experiences and interaction with the locals are going to teach you lessons that no book would.

The problems and scenarios you come across on the trip might help you handle situations in a better way the next time you stumble upon.

Often or most of the travels blogs of solo travelers have mentioned that YOU'RE GONNA MAKE FRIENDS. Be it with the locals or fellow solo travels, you will have someone. Which means you’re not really going to be solo.

You might FEEL solo but you’re just ONE question away (‘where are you from’ being the popular one) to interact with people. Most importantly, it’s good to love yourself and enjoy your own company! (Your friends are getting too busy and have their own stuff to get together.)

There is also this sense of freedom. Since there’s no one to ask (right?)

No one to ask the where what when questions. You’re on your own and it’s all about you. All your attention is only driven towards YOUR wanting. Probably something you’ve been dreading from a longtime for sure. It’s just you!!

This solo time allows you to discover and determine and define your limits, which is necessary for your own good. There’s absolutely no distractions that would let you lose your focus.

So with this you grow and this boosts up your confidence and you become more independent from all kind and come out stronger and better.

Also, there is an increase in people taking single holidays these days. Some even prefer traveling alone over going with a group of people.

Your singles holiday adventure might also inspire your mates to go on solo travelling and you never know how you would’ve affected their life indirectly.

So the next vacation go on a singles vacation, it’ll be an adventure that you might have created on your own. I’m sure there are plenty of best places to travel alone and to be discovered.

And ironically, there are also ‘singles travel groups’ that will help you organize your trip and help you have fun in your solo travelling

Lone travelers are often misunderstood with a mental disorder of depression. But who cares about what the world says. You’re going to have SUPER fun!

But one must also remember that with freedom comes responsibility. Especially if you’re a woman – woman travelling alone get unwanted attention anywhere in the world but that shouldn’t stop anyone to go solo!! How you’re going to handle it is going to decide everything. Just respect the values in the place you’re in and adjust to the requirements.

And in general, the precautions you take back home should be followed in the new city as well.

I think one must just (I repeat) GO!

Stop waiting for someone to say yes. You only have one life and that moment to do things.




About The Author: 

Sneha Surendra is 18 years old. Studying Information Science Engineering. She is a big Meme Enthusiast. Loves to travel during the weekends and is always in search for the next travel destination. You can get in touch with her here

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