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wlend is an online platform for renting products. We have all felt the need to be able to use a product for a short time, but have hesitated to buy it because it is too expensive, or because we aren't sure if we will even use it more than once. We want to enable the access of these products to you - whatever you need, whenever you need it, and wherever you need it. To begin with, we are renting out Cameras, and restricting ourselves to Bangalore and Pune. You choose the items you want, the duration you want them for and where you want them delivered. We take care of arranging the items, ensuring that they work well and have it delivered and picked up. So, in just a few clicks, you have access to hundreds of items at a minuscule fraction of their cost! Cannot be more convenient, can it? No, really, it can't! So, if you wish to rent Cameras for a trip, a special occasion or just to learn photography in Bangalore and Pune, we are THE platform for you!

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