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Fraudulent Cases

wlend has served thousands of customers in the past few years. As evidenced by our ratings online, our customers have loved us. They have also been wonderful to us, and understanding and trusting.

But, of course, rentals is fraught with risk. We have our own internal process by which we assess whether we must rent out a product to a customer. It has held us in good stead overall. But, sometimes we get bad customers. There is a whole spectrum of them. Customers who cancel at the last minute, make our delivery guys wait for hours, damage lens caps, lose a camera, or even steal a camera! Though it is a pleasure to serve delighted customers, such bad apples, however small in proportion, leave a very bad taste. Many other camera rental companies have had to shut down because of one single bad transaction!

We are creating this page to list out customers who have behaved seriously badly with us. Not just making our delivery guys wait, or leaving a small scratch on the camera body. But, customers who have taken no accountability for their actions. Who, despite knowing fully well the costs of products, and how it affects the running of a company, have behaved callously.

This is not a decision we are taking easily. In fact, we have contemplated this decision multiple times but have shied away from it, because it has the ring of authoritarianism to it. Customers share information with us, which is private. We shouldn't be casual about it. But, on the other hand, camera rentals has gone mainstream, and it isn't the niche market it was. So, it is no longer genuine photography enthusiasts, who understood the difficulties of running such a business and thus behave nicely, who are renting from us.

We want this list to be a disincentive for people to behave badly with us. If a company behaves badly, one can always leave a review online. If a customer behaves badly, and rental companies are especially susceptible to this, there is no forum for redressal. So, here is the list, with some additional details of each transaction.

1. Supritha Pramod



Date of Booking: 13/02/2021
Delivery date: 17/02/2021
Scheduled Pick up Date: 18/02/2021

On 17th at 6 PM he messaged saying he wants to extend for two days.
20th feb morning he messaged saying will extend until monday as there vehicle break down. They didn't make any payment.

21st they sent a message saying netbanking doesn't work.
23rd he sent a message we have met with an accident. 

All this has left a very bad taste in our business. Due to this terrible behaviour, we have had to be much more strict about new customers we rent out our cameras to. Several new customers will now be turned down, because of this experience. We are aware that there may genuinely be a family emergency. Which is why we have been more than reasonable with them from the very beginning. But, surely, they must take responsibility for their actions and compensate us fairly. This isn't a post-facto request. This is what they agreed to when they make the booking! (The link to the rental policies is on EVERY product page, which is the page everyone must visit if they must make a booking.) Not just is what they did unethical, it is illegal!

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