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What exactly does wlend do?

wlend is an online rental platform. Just like you can buy items on Amazon or Flipkart, you can rent items from wlend. You choose the items you want, the dates you want them for and checkout the products. We deliver and pickup the items from you.

Where is your store?

We do not have a physical store. We are like Amazon or Flipkart. We have our own delivery system, so, we deliver and pickup the items from you.

Can I come to your store and see or pick up the camera?

No, our bookings happen online. And we deliver to your location. Store pickup facility is not available.

What items do you have for rent?

All the items that we have for rent are listed on the site. Explore the different categories to see what you would like to rent. If an item is not listed on our site, we won't be able to deliver it to you.

How much does it cost to rent a camera?

All our prices are listed online. When you choose a camera and the dates and times, the website automatically calculates the price. The price you see at the time of checkout includes: (i) the rental price; (ii) the refundable security deposit; (iii) delivery fee (if any).

What is the refundable deposit?

We charge a refundable security deposit equal to two days' rent. You will pay us this amount at the time of delivery, and we will refund it to you when you return the product to us. The refundable deposit amount is automatically calculated by the website.

What is the delivery fee?

If your order is more than Rs. 999, delivery and pickup is absolutely free. For orders less than this amount, we charge a flat Rs. 250 fee. This includes delivery and pickup.

What if I want delivery on the same day?

If you aren't able to select the dates for delivery on the same day, you may contact us to see if we can arrange delivery on the same day. In case we deliver on the same day, we will charge you half day's rent extra.

How do I make the payment?

You may either pay online at the time of booking, or choose Cash-on-Delivery (COD) Option. If you choose COD, you can also pay by card at the time of delivery.

How and when does the security deposit get refunded?

If you pay by cash, we refund the deposit when we pick up the item from you. If you pay online, we will initiate a refund online within 24 hours of pickup of the item. (The date by which the amount gets credited to your account will depend on your bank/card).

Can we negotiate the price, or are there any discounts for long-term rental?

The price calculated by the website is final. If you rent the camera for a longer duration, the website automatically reduces the per-day price. For example, you may pay Rs 500 per day if you take a camera for 2 days (total of Rs. 1000). You may pay Rs. 300 per day if you take the same camera for 10 days (total of Rs. 3000). (This is just an example.) Just choose the dates and times on the website, it will automatically tell you the price.

I want a camera today, and am not able to select the date online.

We do not do same-day delivery. So, unfortunately, we won't be able to deliver the camera if you want it on the same day.

I am not able to select some dates on the website. What do I do?

If you are not able to select the 'From' or 'To' date on the website, it means that that particular item has been booked by some other customer for that period. So, please choose a different item. Especially during long weekends, we tend to get fully booked out. Which is why we suggest that you book as early as possible.

What do I get along with the camera? Do I get the charger, the lens, etc?

All our cameras are ready-to-use. You get the camera body, the lens, the battery, the charger, the SD card and a bag. The price you see on the website is for all these items.

Where do you deliver the camera to?

We either deliver the camera to your house, or to your office/educational institution. For us to confirm the delivery, you need to have a valid address proof (see below).

What documents do I need for the order?

If you are a first-time customer, after you make the booking, you will see a form where you must upload two documents. The first document must be a PAN/Aadhaar card in your name. The second document must be a valid address proof (Rental Agreement, Office ID, Passport, Driving License, etc) in your name. This address must match the Shipping Address that you enter for your order. These two documents must not be the same. Also, your name and the address must be clearly visible in the document. If they are on different sheets, combine all the sheets into a PDF and upload the PDF.

What does cashback mean?

wlend cashback is a store cashback. If you get cashback for an order, it means that you will get a gift card for that amount. You can use this gift card in future orders.

Are you guys only in Bangalore?

Yes, we are currently only in Bangalore. We hope to change the answer to this question in the very near future, though. So, subscribe to our feeds on our newsletter, Facebook or Twitter to stay informed of when we are coming to your city!

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