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Benro T660EX Tripod

Benro T660EX Tripod

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  • The tripods include new design interchangeable rubber feet, giving the user the choice of either rubber feet or fitting the stainless steel spiked feet that are included
  • The updated tripod design also includes a new side locking system, strength enhanced spider and safety button
  • The legs lock in the standard operational position. This can be overridden, allowing the legs to be opened and the tripod to be used at lower heights for lower level photography

Quality Assurance

We ensure that all products on our platform undergo stringent quality tests before they are sent out. Also, after every rental, the products are thoroughly cleaned and serviced and kept ready for the next rental. Every item undergoes regular maintenance so as to guarantee a top-notch experience for our customers. If you have any issues with the quality of the item, on its delivery or during the rental period, do let us know and we shall get it repaired or replaced immediately.


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< 8 hours: one day's rental fee

< 8 - 24 hours: 20% of one day's rental fee


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< 24 hours: 10% of one day's rental fee (for same order)


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