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34% Travellers Find Deals on Social Media

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

Quick show of hands in your mind: who has ever purchased airline tickets from an actual counter in the airport? Not many of you, I presume.

Finding deals on the internet is easy and fun. It started with individual businesses promoting themselves trying to grab as much market as possible. Then came the marketplaces which aggregated individual businesses in the same industry making prices more transparent and comparable. 

34% Travellers Find Deals on Social Media

Now, there are tons of web and mobile applications that specialize in travel, and social media is making easier than ever for travelers to plan, book and share details about their travel itineraries.

Facebook and Twitter are useful sources to voice complains, questions and concerns.  Companies respond faster to tweeted complaints because they won’t want a negative comment visible to thousands of other followers.

34% Travellers Find Deals on Social Media

The thing to remember about social travel deals is that they are time sensitive.  They often require quick action and are limited to a specific number of offers.  If a deal is too good to pass up, make sure you act fast and snag it before it’s gone.

Follow some of your favourite hotels and travel brands on Facebook and Twitter. More and more brands are now offering Twitter and Facebook exclusive deals and competitions so it definitely pays to follow them. 

34% Travellers Find Deals on Social Media

There is a very active community of travel bloggers on Twitter who are always quick to respond to requests for information so it is worth following a few travel bloggers. You can also be a part of a few travel niche Facebook groups where individuals/agents post travel deals which are too good to miss. It can be used as a great channel for getting travel related perks. 

Instagram is picking up as one of the go-to channels for hotels and travel brands to promote their offers. So, if you are planning to travel sometime in the future, its a good time for you to start following all these brands and check your feed at least once a day so that you don't miss their deals. 

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