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60% Novice Travellers Find Inspiration From Social Media

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

A traveller's journey has become very different than it used to be. About 60% of Novice Travellers are more likely to find inspiration for their next trip from Social Media updates shared by their friends, family and Travel related companies. It stems from the fact that we are looking to compose a perfect travel selfie to create travel envy amongst our Social Media circles.

Social Media Influence on Novice Traveller

Though word-of-mouth plays a vital role in ultimately deciding the location of travel, Social Media, especially Facebook and Instagram photos are now beating out traditional source of tourism information for young travellers. 

It is also noticed that friends & family, tag their loved ones in photo posts on Social Media, letting each other know of what their next travel locations can look like, sometimes setting a goal to visit those locations a year or two later. 

Travel Planning

There was a time when travel magazines, tourism brochures and guidebooks compiled by experts used play the biggest role in deciding people's travel plans. The issue with them is that information gets out-of-date soon. But, Social Media pages are now creating a new trend for scouting the next travel destination by constantly posting updates about these places. People are being influenced by the rich content in the form of multimedia and images. They have the privilege of instantaneous access to any information about a certain travel destination. 

Buzzfeed guides, Tripadvisor Reviews and Travellers Facebook/Instagram photos depicting their latest vacation are the best sought after places to look for the next travel destination. 

Millennia's are also influenced by travel blogger's Social Media accounts where they share exhaustive information related to their vacation. People have confessed to spending hours together reading about what travel bloggers did during their travel to a particular destination so that they can pick a few things from their exhaustive list and do the same. 

Novice Traveller

It is interesting to know that an average Novice Traveller typically begins to research their travel 45 days before they actually go ahead and book their tickets. Also, 52% of Facebook users dream about vacation when casually browsing on the app. 

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