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5 Things Spock Would Say About Renting

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In an age where access is ownership, there are tremendous advantages to rent camera’s rather than just buy them. While a lifelong goal for many traditional Indians is to always save up money and own things, the burgeoning middle class youth are now learning new ways to possess a property without buying. While both renting and buying have their own financial set of constraints, it is to note that no product lasts forever. Especially in times like today, where new and exciting product is outdated within 9 to 12 months from the date of release it makes absolutely no sense to buy the product and take up the financial liability.  

Here is a look at top 5 reasons as to why renting a camera is better than buying.

Buying Vs Renting

Reason 1: No High Capital Investments or Lock-Ins

Lets face it… Camera Gear is expensive. The average cost of an entry level DSLR along with an average lense is upwards of 50,000 INR. Does the cost of buying justify the ROI of the product? Not really. You need to be extremely engaged with the product and use it continuously to ensure that the product’s value is squeezed from it. The best option available is to rent the camera at less than 5% of the MRP. So, while the people calculate the life time value of a product that is bought, you can only worry about the product as long as you have rented it out. Beyond that, let’s face it, your time is better spent editing those amazing videos and photos that you captured on the camera!

Reason 2: Freedom to Upgrade Quickly

Let us assume your newest project requires you to own a special kind of equipment which you don’t have right now. Does that mean, you’ll look out for that and purchase that too? No! Renting can give you so many options to upgrade to better equipment quickly. Not all projects require the same equipments. It is hardly a one size fit all when it comes to cameras.  Especially in video production, there are various pieces of equipment which are specialized for extremely specific purpose. So it goes without saying that it is extremely easier and cost effective to rent those equipments out for one or two days to finish off your project.

Reason 3: No Maintenance

Many of the camera equipments are bulky and require storage space in excess of a small utility closet. A definite advantage you have as a renter is the cost of repair of an equipment which is most of the time almost about 40% of the MRP. Also, cameras are extremely sensitive equipments which require great care to ensure smooth operations for a long period of time. As small as a speck of dust can be harmful for the lense if not taken care of on time.  Keep in mind, no camera lasts for ever, if you own a camera and use it often you will eventually have to replace its cost for it to work properly. Stay hassle free and rent!

Reason 4: Lower Utility

Basic dynamics of using a product purchased at a reasonably high price is that you use it often. Unlike a novelty item which is meant to be showcased, camera’s are meant to be used regularly. So if you are someone who believes you will not use it regularly then why go through the pain of buying yet another piece of equipment. Also, the opportunity cost of your down payment may not be worth it. So, Just rent!

Reason 5: Access to Wider Range of Products

Renting opens up the complete range of equipments and products which you can easily have access to. The potential to own and use specialized equipment for an upcoming event or projects makes it more desirable to rent. In the end, nothing is better than the hands-on experience Also, if you are not sure what to expect from a particular camera it is always better to rent out a range of cameras and experience the same under various conditions till you find the right fit. You will eventually get to know the capabilities of the camera find out which one works for you!


In conclusion, You have all reasons to ditch your plan of buying and saving up for the same! Just go renting with wlend! 

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