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Hello World,

How often have you found yourself wanting a product, but couldn’t have it because it was too expensive? Or because it will take too long to get delivered? Or because you aren’t sure whether it’s worth the purchase if you stop using it in a few days? Or because it takes too much space and is difficult to lug around? How often have you ‘checked something out’ by asking your friend if you could use it, and then realised that it sucked and were secretly happy it was your friend who wasted the money and not you?

Presumably, the answer to all those questions is ‘quite often’. But, of course, we like having products – both for the convenience of things, as well as for a better experience. Many of us know the feeling of being handicapped by the absence of our bikes in a new city. What we wouldn’t give to be able to explore the city in a personal vehicle, instead of having to haggle prices with the autowallah! Or, can you imagine realising two days before a major presentation, where your office crush will be present, that your laptop has crashed? (And then him/her saying, “you should just get a Mac, you know” when you narrate your tale of woe.) There’s no escaping it, guys – several consumer products are interwoven into our very existence now, and there is no rewinding the clock on it.

Which leads us to a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand, we need access to hundreds of products depending on where we are and what we are doing. On the other hand, these products cost money and consume space if we own them. So, how does one solve this dilemma? The solution is quite simple, really. We believe that Access is Ownership. It’s not the drill we require; it’s a hole in the wall. It’s not the summer-house we require; it’s a pleasant stay in the South of France. It’s not the car we require; it’s a way of going from the pub to the office. Or, is it the other way round? I always get confused.

With technology improving communication and logistics, the world is rapidly moving towards a sharing economy. We believe that the time has come to embrace this for products as well. Renting products out isn’t considered cool. At least, not yet. We intend to change this entirely. Surely, it is cooler to rent a Hayabusa out for a couple of grand rather than wait ten years before you can save enough to buy one? It is our goal to help you discover such products and experience them. Without further ado, let’s introduce Wlend. We are a discovery mechanism for consumer product rentals. We have several merchants on board who have a wide range of products – from the mundane to products that you use only because #YOLO. We list the merchants; you discover them, contact them, use their products, enjoy their products and rate your experience. It’s as easy as that! Do give us a try by visiting us at 

Oh, did we mention that you can rent out drones on our platform? Try it once before it becomes illegal. Happy wlendin!

The Wlend Team

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