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DSLR Cameras for Rent

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Sharing Economy: Impact on camera rentals in Bangalore

With an increasing population in the age group of 18 to 35 years, India is beginning to see the rise of a new economy. An economy which is being driven by re-using  a product instead of buying. Consumerism is changing in a way which is unheard of. The youth of India are looking to spend on experiences, rather than on buying. It has given the rise to a new economy called Sharing Economy. At the fore front of this economy is the growing DSLR segment in which is helping users rent a DSLR to enhance and enrich their experience.

DSLR Cameras on rent can be taken by individuals for trying out a DSLR Camera before buying one or by photography students for taking some professional snaps. The user has to pay advance rental charges of these DSLR cameras which are then delivered to their doorstep at their convenience making the deal a sweet one. So do try to rent a DSLR when you are out for your next trip.

One of the best entry level DSLR is the Canon 1300D. Its the best beginner DSLR with easy to use functionality. What sets Canon cameras apart is their user interface which is extremely easy to use. While you change the setting in the camera, the display screen offers multitude of information for any user to understand the mode in which they are operating that DSLR. It has a soft clicker which makes it easy to click photographs quickly. That ensures that you never miss a shot.

dslr camera for rent

Canon 1300D

Canon 60D was one of the first DSLR’s which was used by Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). If you want to use the upgraded version of the same DSLR, you can check out the below camera. Now if you think the 60D was good, imagine what the 70D can do for you. It shoots the best videos in auto-focus mode. You don't have to worry about the picture quality. With its extendable screen, it is also a perfect DSLR for Vlogging.
dslr camera for rent

Canon 70D

GoPro is one of the best companies manufacturing action cameras in 2017. Their Hero series has been a phenomenal success across the globe. The Hero 5 is their latest update in their arsenal. This upgrade has eliminated the requirement of a bulky encasing for under water activity. Its direct to use and is much sleeker and cooler to use with its touch screen and voice-operational functionality.  It is a must try for all action sport lovers.
dslr camera for rent

GoPro Hero 5 Black 

 The GoPro Hero 4 Black was the best performing action camera of 2016. It created a monopoly for itself in the target market and captured the imagination of hundreds of action sport enthusiasts who have been capturing mind blowing footage using this small camera which can fit into the palm of your hand. It shoots videos in 4K quality making it
dslr camera for rent

GoPro Hero 4 Black

Companies are churning out version after version with very little differentiation in consumer goods segment, but its important to understand that consumption is beyond buying.

None the less, if the above products do not satisfy your need, please feel free to check out for more products which will suit your requirement.

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