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The Unconventional Guide to Better Instagram Photos

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

As Instagram reaches peak popularity, your photo skills need to be on the top level to keep up with it. 

1. Get a better camera! 

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We are obsessed with good photographs and we know for sure that nothing clicks better photographs than a DSLR. The physics of photography does not permit your phone (no matter how kidney's worth it is) to click better photos when compared to a DSLR. But you need to choose a good camera. Hence we have all the right gear for you to get your hands dirty. That too at 1% of the MRP. 


2. Less is more

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Just like junk, less can definitely be more. So, choose your shot wisely and ensure the focus is on the subject and everything else is blurred. If am guessing right, you are wondering if you can do this on your camera. The answer is NO! Its difficult for your camera to focus on a particular subject and blurr out everything else. But if you already have our DSLR, then zoom in on the subject to the max, automatically your photos will be great looking. 


3. Instagram App Photo App

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Sure, you can click square photos on the app. But, if you want your pictures to be of poor quality then be my guest. The filters perform really well but the app itself to click pictures performs poorly. See it to believe it. 


4. Quality of Light = Quality of Photos

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More light is always better. Camera's mimic your eye, hence visibility and quality totally depends on the amount of light around the subject. Your phone's silly flash can make you look like a bozo in the very least. Natural sunlight is the best light that you can for getting yourself a delightful photo and the cherry on the cake would be the sunrise or the sunset time. 


5. Subject matters more than anything else

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What you are trying to click or shoot is more important than the art of clicking itself. Being an amateur photographer myself, i can rest assure you that even in the best of the light condition you will never be able to get the right picture if your subject is not right! Even if you get all the 25 settings right, if your subject is boring as hell, you will never be able to get the right photo. 


At the end of all this, if you are wondering where to rent a DSLR, here's your link. WLEND


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