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3 Breathtaking Iceland Pictures Shot By A Talented Photographer - Garret Micheal Suhrie

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

"Last winter I didn’t have much going on in the way of work, so decided to take off to Iceland for a month” says Garret Micheal Suhrie in his recent Imgur Post. Each photo is so amazing that you will be left in awe. There's one lesson to learn from his journey. If you are doing something that you love, do it with so much passion that the world should applaud. 

Here's our pick of top 3 photos from his journey. 

1. Silica Rich Pool - He had to hike 25 miles to get to this area of concentrated thermal features in the Icelandic interior. 

2. Church Mountain - The very first place where visitors go when they first visit Iceland

3. Iceberg Beach - He captured this in Iceland's northern most tip, high above the Arctic Circle, hanging out on a cliff of Hornstrandir, where the only thing north is the ice cap.

Don't forget to share it with your friends and family. In case, you want to click such "awe" inspiring photograph. You can try your hand at the collection of DSLR's that we have here.  

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