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The Amateur Photographers Guide to 5 Photogenic Places in Bangalores

Posted by Mohamed Madani on

A mysterious places which is known for its IT sheen. This city beholds some beautiful places for you to get your next best photograph. Get your timings right and you shall be the one getting all the likes on FB and Instagram for your photo. 

Here are out top 5 picks for the most Photogenic Places in Namma Bengaluru. 

1. Cubbon Park - Best time to visit this place is in the morning or the evenings when the suns rays are just peeking through the thick green leaves of the trees! It creates enough natural light for your camera to capture a beautiful photograph. 

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2. Sommer House - The “Sommer House” located in Whitefield, built in the year 1950, was previously owned by Dorothy Sommers, a German, who fittingly named the gabled cottage ‘Peace Place’. You will have to check with the property owners before booking this one out for a photoshoot. 


3. Jayamahal Palace - This one is a scenic beauty with its old charm and the green surroundings. So, you definitely need to see it to believe it. 


4. Lalbagh Botanical Garden - Yes! Its a botanical garden and has "n" number of gates for you enter. It definitely is one of the best places for a shutter bug to click a few natural light photographs. 


5. Bangalore City Market - There is always something magical about this place. All those bright colours definitely make it one of the best places to shoot photographs. But, the catch is that you need to be really early to this place and ensure you catch the hustle bustle of the vendors before they go stock out. 

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